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Certified Ultimate Dealers have changed the way they do business for Sales, Parts, Service and overall support to be able to deliver the Ultimate Ownership Experience at every level. Take a look at what it takes to meet the premier standards of Hino Dealerships, and what this means to you.



Certified Ultimate Dealerships are committed to carrying inventory at a level right for their market – that means when you need it, they will have it!


Sales associates are held to the highest standards in the industry. Certified Ultimate Sales professionals work to make sure you have the information you need to make a profitable business decision.


It’s one thing to own the most advanced engineering in light and medium duty trucks, it’s another to get the most out of it! – Certified Ultimate Dealers are trained to get you up and running with leading industry services like Hino INSIGHT and HinoCare.



Two hour evaluation of your vehicle means you know where you stand from the get-go. Certified Ultimate Dealerships are focused on getting you the information you need to make decisions and back on the road in the shortest possible time.


The Hino Master Elite training program is one of the toughest qualifications for service staff in the industry. Certified Ultimate service teams are trained in Rapid Evaluation, Hino’s highest level of training.


Information is power – and information in service means you get back on the road sooner. Certified Ultimate service teams feed data to Hino INSIGHT as they perform services – you’re notified in real-time – you know exactly where you stand every step of the way. Now you can make decisions on resource allocation faster here than anywhere else.



Certified Ultimate Dealers are required to carry more inventory in parts for top level service and repair/replace items. Above the industry average. That means it’s in-stock when you need it – not on the other side of the country.


In the event that you’re not able to be at the dealership to pick-up, your Certified Ultimate dealer will deliver it – free.