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Hino Electric Trucks in NJ

Power and Performance for your Business with Hino Electric Trucks

Hino has recently announced the expansion of their product range to include electric trucks. Hino will offer an electric version of the M- and L-series medium duty trucks branded Me Series and Le Series available in 2024. The production of these efficient electric vehicles will integrate SEA Electric’s SEA-Drive power system.

With the growing demand for electric vehicles many customers are wanting to add EV’s to their fleet. With Hino’s collaboration with SEA electric to provide powertrain options, the manufacturer is able to meet the needs for customers and markets throughout the United States.

M5 Electric Truck

M5e Specs

L6e Specs

Hino InclusEV: Unified E2E EV Enablement

Hino has launched an industry-first customer centric, dealer unified E2E unified EV enablement including EV consulting, sales, infrastructure, single-source financing, support and service.

Frank’s Hino will deliver solutions enabled and supported by the strategic partnership of Hino Trucks, ChargePoint, EnTech, and Mitsubishi HC Capital America. Consulting services for fleet EV transitioning, charging solutions, EV infrastructure, end-to-end financing, and operations support will all be available through Frank’s EV team. Contact us today to learn more about taking the steps to convert your fleet to electric!