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Frequently Asked Questions About Hino Trucks

Who makes Hino Trucks?

Hino trucks are produced by Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary Hino Motors, Ltd. Hino Motors is a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation and part of the Toyota Group.

Where are Hino Trucks Made?

Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A. assembles their trucks at their 1-million-square-foot production facility in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. Hino had outgrown their plant in Williamstown, and invested $100MM and created a new facility down the road in Mineral Wells, WV. North American parts are received and sequenced for truck production at the Hino Motors Manufacturing Sequencing facility in Ontario, CA and then shipped to their assembly plant in West Virginia. Hino’s stamping and component manufacturing facility is located in Marion, Arkansas where frames are manufactured, ensuring quality structural frames. 

What engines are available in Hino Trucks?

The medium-duty L Series L6 and L7 come equipped with the industry-leading Cummins B6.7L 240-260 hp engine. And for the heavy-duty XL Series XL7 and XL8, experience the performance of the Cummins L9 300-360 hp engine.

But that’s not all. In the 2021 model, the B6.7 engine has been upgraded to offer extended engine maintenance intervals. Enjoy longer oil drain intervals, more time between fuel filter changes, and a maintenance-free crankcase ventilation filter. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and hello to more time on the road.

And for the L9 engine, efficiency is the name of the game. With improvements that minimize frictional losses and optimize combustion, you can expect better fuel economy and lower operating costs without sacrificing performance. It’s a win-win situation.

How many miles will a Hino Truck last?

With proper care and regular maintenance, your semi truck can easily reach a jaw-dropping lifespan of 750,000 to 1 million miles. And with Cummins engines boasting a life expectancy of up to 500,000 miles, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can achieve extraordinary results. Invest in the Cummins advantage and let your semi truck go the distance. Experience the power, reliability, and longevity that only Cummins can deliver.

How much does a Hino Truck Cost?

The cost of a Hino truck can vary greatly depending on the model, year, mileage, condition, configuration and added customizations.

View our new and used Hino truck inventory and contact us to receive a specific quote from one of our sales representatives based on the vehicle and any customization options you are interested in.

Does Hino make Electric Trucks?

Hino Trucks Electrifies Their Medium-Duty Trucks for 2024. Get ready for the ‘Me’ Series and ‘Le’ Series, the electric versions of the popular M- and L- Series trucks. With the powerful SEA-Drive system, Hino is revolutionizing the industry. Production starts soon!

What is Hino Edge?

Introducing Hino Edge – the ultimate tool to effortlessly connect you with your fleet. It’s a suite of services that goes beyond the basics to give you deeper insights, increased efficiency, and greater ROI. With Hino Edge, you’ll experience maximum uptime, lower maintenance costs, and seamless integration with your existing systems. Plus, our partnership with top telematics providers means you get the solution that perfectly suits your business needs. The best part? The hardware is already built into your Hino truck. Discover the power of Hino Edge and unlock the true value of your fleet.

What is the warranty on a Hino Truck transmission?

Get peace of mind with Hino Trucks. When you buy a Hino, you don’t have to worry about breakdowns. They offer a comprehensive warranty program that will never leave you stranded.

L Series & XL Series models are equipped with Allison Transmissions.

These trucks come with a 5-year unlimited mile transmission warranty, giving you up to two extra years of coverage with no mileage limits. And best of all, this warranty is included at no extra cost to you.

The warranty covers all Allison transmissions offered by Hino Trucks, as well as all vocation applications. It’s the best base transmission warranty in the industry, extending to Class 6-8 vehicles and including L Series and XL Series trucks.

In addition to the transmission warranty, they also offer excellent coverage for your entire vehicle. The base coverage includes 24 months of unlimited mileage. And when it comes to the engine, you get even more protection. The Cummins® B6.7 engine comes with 36 months of unlimited mileage coverage, while the Cummins® L9 engine is covered for 24 months or 250,000 miles.

Is Frank’s Hino certified to service and sell parts for Hino Trucks?

Frank’s Hino staffs factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians qualified to work on heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks of all makes and models. Frank’s is a Certified Ultimate dealer and have passed rigorous parts and service guidelines set by Hino to ensure excellent sales, parts and service support or Hino customers. Frank’s Hino takes great pride in being the largest Hino truck parts dealer in the United States.

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